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ARMASpeed CS57-AR60009 Replacement Air Filter


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Product Info

  • 3D design to maximize the utilization of space and amplifying the cold air storage efficiency to the max.
  • High air flow rate with exceptional filtration.
  • Will NOT void vehicle warranty.
  • Require cleaning every 10,000 Kilometers, suggested spraying the air filter with an air spray to rid the dust.
  • 2 years /  50,000 Kilometers Limited Warranty

Cross Reference:

Audi 1K0129620
Audi 1K0129620D
Audi 5C0129620
BMC FB44401
K&N 33-2865
Seat 10129620D
Seat 1K0129620D
Skoda 1K0129607D
Skoda 1K0129620D
Volkswagen 1K01269620D
Volkswagen 1K0129607AG
Volkswagen 1K0129607AS
Volkswagen 1K0129620D
Volkswagen 1K0129620E
Volkswagen 1K0129620L
Volkswagen 1K0129620ZC
Volkswagen 1K129620D
Volkswagen 1KD129620A
Volkswagen 1L0129620E
Volkswagen 3C0129620D
Volkswagen 5C0129620
Volkswagen 5C0129620B

Golf GTI6 OEM Replacement filter


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