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After-market suspension installation

Looking to lower or lift your vehicle? We offer installation of any brand-new after-market suspension kit. We can help you find a kit that's best for you, order & install it on your vehicle. Pricing varies per kit & vehicle. Please contact us for a quote.


Audi A3 lowered on H&R Springs with Ferrada FR3 Wheels

Spring Installation

Springs offer a simple 1-2 inch drop using factory struts. Springs are an affordable way to lower your vehicle as most kits start around $200. They are an excellent choice for daily driven vehicles as they adjust the ride comfortability minimally (slightly stiffer) and are very reliable.


K Sport coilovers ready to be installed

Coilover Installation

Coilovers replace your vehicle's entire shock/strut and spring combination, which allows for many custom options and adjustments. With coilovers, you can adjust ride height, spring pre-load, shock damping and rebound. They are individually adjusted, which allows you to fine-tune each corner for ultimate balance and control. Coilovers are a great option if you like to track your vehicle. Good quality kits are lighter in weight than factory. You get much better handling overall with a huge improvement in cornering performance.


Air Lift Performance on volkswagen gti

Air Suspension Installation (Air Bags)

Air suspension kits are a long-time favorite of show car enthusiasts and with recent innovations they are becoming more popular for the track. Air suspension kits allow for all of the same adjustment options as coilovers, making them an excellent option for someone wanting their suspension fine-tuned to their specifications. In addition to that, air suspensions allows you to adjust ride height and/or pressure. You can have different height settings set on a controller that you can change on the fly. This is great, because you can preset your vehicle's height for when your vehicle is parked, when it is driven, and even for obstacles. We also offer custom trunk-displays to show off your air tank & compressor.


chevy truck with lift ki

Lift Kit Installation

Are you looking for a lift rather than a drop? Suspension lift kits can significantly alter your truck or Jeep’s handling and ride comfortability, usually making it more suitable for off-road performance, while giving it the tall, mean look that many truck & Jeep enthusiasts love.


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