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static motorsports - over 1200 happy clients

Who is Static?

Anthony & Tannah DiNatale (H+W) are the "we" behind Static Motorsports.

If you've ever been in contact with our team, you likely have met Anthony. He is the face & the driving force behind Static Motorsports. His dream to own his own business & put his skills to work is where Static truly came from. From the time he was a young boy, he and his father worked on cars & all kinds of vehicular toys together. Today, Anthony is the go-to guy for all of his friends & family when they're in any sort of vehicle distress. It only made sense that he owned his own shop & now earns his living off of the skills he acquired over his lifetime of late-nights in the garage.

You probably have not met Tannah, the BTS co-owner of Static Motorsports. While Anthony brings the passion, Tannah brings the structure. She is the one who keeps the business in line, so that it can continue to grow at a rate that this small team can handle. Operations, marketing & all visuals are handled by Tannah. That includes the logos you've seen, and this website you're currently visiting! Without Tannah as the logical guide for this dually-owned business, Static Motorsports may have never come into existence. While Anthony was (& still is) the dreamer for Static, Tannah is the one who said "Let's do this!" & we've never looked back


June 2015

We opened Static Motorsports as an online retail store for after-market auto parts. In June 2015, we launched the 1st phase of our website. Static Motorsports was a dream of ours for years, and we were determined to bootstrap this vision into success.


November 2015

We opened the doors to our first shop in Tempe, Arizona. While the first few months were pretty quiet, our company's popularity in the local car scene took us by surprise in the early months of 2016. To be honest, we don't think we ever expected nor did we know how to handle the extreme hype that surrounded our business.. but we like to think we handled it OK!


Ok, enough for introductions

What do we do & why are we the best?

In short, Static Motorsports is an automotive customs shop that specializes in high quality vinyl wraps and wide body installations. We are an industry leading installer of wide body kits, including: LibertyWalk, Mansory, Pandem by TRA KYOTO, Rocket Bunny, RallyBacker, STREETFIGHTER LA & more. We offer a variety of automotive customization services, but we are also distributors for everything that we install.

We try our best to provide as many services to our clients as our skills allow, however, in order to maintain 5-star quality, we do not hire & we do not outsource our services. We have attempted these things in the past, as a courtesy to our clients, however, we find that no one will care about our reputation and our clients as much as we do. Anthony is the only service provider at Static Motorsports, ensuring a guaranteed satisfactory build every time.

This sets us far apart from our competition. Why? Because you know who is working on your build and you can rest assured that someone is not learning on your vehicle. "Businesses" in this industry that do not work on the vehicles themselves typically hire out contractors for extremely low prices. These contractors never speak or see the clients & therefore, do not care how the project turns out in the end. Vehicles are taken apart & put back together by different people, so you know there are missing bolts, clips & who knows what else. Clients never ask who is going to be working on their vehicle. It usually doesn't even occur to them that a reputable shop could have recently hired a poor installer unknowingly & they are about to find out after your vehicle is destroyed. Luckily, you do not have to worry about this at Static Motorsports.


It is our mission


We have a vision to become the most well-known shop in the world & we will stop at nothing to get there. It may take years, but we believe that by maintaining a 5-star reputation, building strong industry relationships & focusing on building awesome, creative projects, we will one day become a commonly recognizable brand.