Static Motorsports is an automotive customs shop based in Tempe, Arizona that specializes in high quality vinyl wraps and wide body installations. We are an industry leading installer of wide body kits, including: LibertyWalk, Mansory, Pandem by TRA KYOTO, Rocket Bunny, RallyBacker, STREETFIGHTER LA & more. We focus on creating one of a kind builds & full transformations. Along with your wide body install, we will hook you up with a suspension kit, new wheels & tires, and finish it off with paint &/or vinyl wrap.

We're not limited to specific makes or models. We work on most enthusiast vehicles, including GT-R, Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, Tesla, Bentley, Rolls Royce, as well as American sports cars and imports/tuners.


To uncover self identity & brand though the curation of street art. When identity, style & art arrive at an intersection for all to admire.

What does it mean?
Create Your Hype™ is a concept born from personal reflection. It's all too common that we limit our expressions by choosing to do, create, say & even think things that will result in the illusion of social acceptance. As we continue to follow trends and try to live up to societal expectations, we lose our authenticity and sense of self.
Create Your Hype™ is all about discovering who you truly are and creating beautiful works of self expression. What others think does not matter, as long as you are doing, being, & creating out of authenticity.

How does it apply to Static?
We have all experienced self doubt and made choices based on external audience approval. We have denied our artisic abilities and tastes. We have been on the narrow path and felt limitations, just like many of you. Once we realized that we can be our authentic selves and began to express that both in our personal and professional lives, our worlds have completely opened. We are continuing to practice living authentically on a daily basis and hope to inspire and empower others to do the same.

How does it apply to our clients?
We have developed a strategic approach to apply this concept to our client projects. With our Static Signature Builds, we take the time to truly get to know each of our clients on a very personal level. We seek to find the true essence of our client's personality, values, and personal style, and we use this knowledge to design a completely custom, one of a kind build that authentically represents the client. The vehicle becomes an expression of the client, a piece of art, that the client is proud to share with the world, without fear of outside criticism.


Anthony DiNatale

Owner— Manager, Mechanic & Creator

If you've ever been in contact with our team, you likely have met Anthony. He is the face & the driving force behind Static Motorsports. His dream to own his own business & put his skills to work is where Static truly came from. From the time he was a young kid, he and his father worked on cars & all kinds of motor vehicles together. Today, Anthony is the go-to guy for all of his friends & family when they're in any sort of vehicle trouble. It only made sense that he owned his own shop & now earns his living off of the skills he acquired over his lifetime of late-nights in the garage.

Tannah DiNatale

Co-Owner— Brand, Website & Marketing

You probably have not met Tannah, the BTS co-owner of Static Motorsports. While Anthony brings the passion, Tannah brings the structure. She is the one who keeps the business in line, so that it can continue to grow at a rate that this small team can handle. Operations & marketing are handled by Tannah. That includes the logos you've seen, and this website you're currently visiting. Without Tannah, Static Motorsports may have never come into existence. While Anthony was (& still is) the dreamer for Static, Tannah is the one who said "Let's do this!" & took intiative to get the business up and running.

Phillip DiNatale

Future CEO— Hype-Man, Inspiration

Phillip joined our team in early 2018, just as things started to get a little crazy. Expanding our family gave us a new source of inspiration to keep pushing through and expand our business. Phillip inherited our love of cars and can easily identify many vehicles & their parts. His favorite cars are Porches, Lamborghinis, & anything with a big wing or decals. He loves hitting top speeds in Dad's GT-R and hopes to become a mechanic one day & work in the shop. His love for vehicles and speed doesn't end with cars, though. Phillip also loves dirtbikes and plans to start racing when he's bigger.

Due to our small team, we have limited availability and only take on jobs that we are passionate & excited about.

static motorsports - over 1200 happy clients


It is our goal to provide a 5⭐️ quality build for every project.

We have a vision to become the most well-known shop in the world. We believe that by maintaining a 5-star reputation, building strong industry relationships & focusing on building awesome, creative projects, we will one day become a globally recognizable brand. 



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