Scion FR-S Rocket Bunny Kit
Scion FR-S fully built at Static Motorsports with Rocket Bunny V1 Kit


Thinking about going wide? Here's a complete guide dedicated to wide body kits. Keep reading to find out general information, general pricing & to help you understand if choosing to wide body your vehicle is the right choice for you.


It is a permanent decision, there is NO going back
The most important thing to understand when you decide to install a wide body kit on your vehicle is that there is NO going back (exception - LibertyWalk fender replacement wide body kits). In order to install wide fenders, cutting of the front fenders and rear quarter panels is necessary. While you can replace front fenders, rear quarter panels are not replaceable (on almost all vehicles). If you think that you may want to reverse back to stock when you sell your vehicle, a wide body kit is not for you. 

Ford Mustang S550 Clinched Widebody Kit
Ford Mustang S550 fully built at Static Motorsports with Clinched Widebody Kit


They make a kit for your vehicle
That's awesome, but ask yourself "Who are they?". When you install a wide body kit on your vehicle (or any aftermarket part for that matter) you want to make sure that you are using quality parts from a reputable company. The difference between a Pandem kit and a no-brand-name kit off of eBay is HUGE. Pandem (and similar) kits fit vehicles perfectly with little to no additional body work needed (on the kit itself). The panels are smooth and there will be no gaps in between the panel and the body of the vehicle when lined up correctly. We at Static Motorsports have seen many issues with kits from non-reputable companies. They are often times made of poor quality materials, which can result in: damage during freight, orange-peel or textured surface, poor fitment, etc. If you have a vehicle with many wide body kits available, DO NOT automatically choose the cheaper option. Knock-off kits and cheap, poor quality kits require a lot more body work and you will end up paying more for the installation. Depending on how much work is needed, you may end up paying MORE than if you had just purchased the quality kit. If they only have cheap kits for your vehicle, do your research to find out how good or poor the quality it is and decide if it's really worth it.


The cost is more than just the kit+install
You can 
definitely find a wide body kit and installer to do the job for under $5k (depending on the vehicle & kit), but there is a lot more that you will need to complete the build. Other costs associated with wide body installs are: paint &/or wrap ($2k+), coilovers or bags ($1k - 4k+), 3-piece wheels ($1k+/wheel). As you can see, a full wide body build adds up quickly. An average full wide body build on an FR-S is approximately $11,000 (on the low end with used wheels, coilovers vs bags, and wrap instead of paint). We highly recommend having a budget of at least $15,000 for JDM-type vehicles, with the cost going up considerably for luxury and performance vehicle.


Air Lift Performance trunk display

Air Lift Performance trunk display. Air suspension kits + install can cost more than $4k


You want to wide body your daily driver
Don't do it.

Further explanation shouldn't be necessary, but here's a few reasons why NOT to wide body your daily driver. 1 - It can take up to a few months for the build to be completed. Delays and pushed back ETAs are very common and you should not pressure your install shop with deadlines. This is what leads to shortcuts being taken and the overall quality of the build will not be as good as it could be. 2 - It is silly to drive a vehicle in poor weather conditions. Could you imagine getting in a wreck after spending thousands of dollars only to find out your insurance will not cover the after market damages? 3 - The way you drive your everyday vehicle to work/school is way different than how you drive your weekend vehicle. When you're used to the everyday routine, you're more likely to over-trust your driving abilities and drive less carefully. Again, could you imagine getting in a wreck in that fully built vehicle? Not to mention, the vehicle will be exposed to a lot more natural contaminants and it will shorten the lifespan of the vehicle/build. Sun damage, rock chips, bug splatter, potholes, no thank you!!


You want to turn a profit
It's important to fully understand how certain decisions will impact the value of your vehicle. There are more factors involved if you are looking to flip a vehicle. We highly recommend working with a reputable, knowledgable shop in order to increase your chances of making a profit. Be honest about your intentions and work with your install shop to ensure you have a smooth, easy experience.


Is a wide body for you?
If you have the budget, a separate daily driver and fully understand the risks involved and you still want to wide body your vehicle, then we recommend setting up an appointment to meet with a customs specialist! Static Motorsports is located in Scottsdale, Arizona but will travel to you to make your dream build come to life!! 



Still not sure?
We would love to help! 
Schedule a consultation with a specialist. We can offer our expert opinion, help choose the perfect options for you & provide a quote for your custom project. 


Static wraps satin black ferrari 488
Our installers are passionate about what they do. We guarantee customer satisfaction no matter what type of car or level of difficulty of the project. We believe in taking the time to build customer relationships while providing excellent quality in order to maintain a 5-star reputation.