Scion FRS 3M green envy color change wrap Pandem V3
Scion FRS wrapped in 3M 1080 green envy, Pandem V3 Kit, Cosmis XT-206R Wheels

What is vinyl wrap?
Vinyl wrap is pretty much a giant pressure sensitive and conformable sticker that is used to change the color or texture of the surface of a vehicle. It is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle and takes anywhere from a few days to a week to install.

Is it permanent?
Vinyl wrap is a short term customizing solution. Depending on what manufacturer, color and finish you select, the vinyl wrap lifetime is anywhere from 3-8 years. Vinyl wrap is removable within the manufacturer's guaranteed lifetime, which allows the vehicle to be restored to original condition.

Will it damage my paint?
The answer to this question has a few variables, but depends mostly on the condition of the paint prior to the vinyl wrap being applied. Manufacturers guarantee that vinyl wraps applied to newer vehicles with original paint jobs will not damage the paint, in fact, it will help to protect the original paint from contaminants. If your vehicle is 10+ years old, has been repainted, has sun damage, rock chips or other paint chipping, then it is not guaranteed that the wrap will not damage your paint. If you are wrapping your vehicle to hide imperfections, it is important to remember that when the vinyl wrap is peeled off, some paint may come off with it.

I don't want to wrap my whole vehicle, can I do just some parts?
Yes! We can accent any painted surface, including chrome. Our most common vinyl wrap jobs are partial wraps, including: roof wraps, hood wraps and chrome deletes/chrome wraps.

Chevy Camaro matte black hood wrap avery sw900
Chevy Camaro hood wrapped in Avery SW900 matte black

Can you wrap after market parts?
Anything with a painted/finished surface is 100% yes, including glossy carbon fiber parts. If you'd like us to wrap unpainted fender flares, hoods, bumpers, etc, we cannot guarantee that it won't peel. For this reason, we do not warranty vinyl wraps applied to unfinished parts.

Can you wrap my _____?
We get custom inquiries all of the time! We have wrapped baby cranial bands/doc bands, phone cases, vape pens and other random things. Give us a call with your custom project and we will let you know what we can do!

Can you do custom designs?
Options are pretty much unlimited and we will do everything we can to help bring your vision to life! With traditional vinyl wrap, we can do stripe kits, decals and other custom design work. If you're looking for something more artistic, what you may be looking for is a printed wrap.

What is a printed wrap?
If you can't find a color that you like with the manufacturers we carry, we can have something custom printed instead. Printed wraps are generally much more expensive than traditional wraps, as a lot more work goes into them. First, we have a graphic artist create the design. Then we have the design printed. Finally, we install the vinyl wrap, which takes more work to ensure the design lines up correctly on the vehicle's panels.

Custom printed wrap on Nissan GTR
Nissan GTR with custom printed wrap example

Do you have to take the vehicle apart to wrap it?
Yes! In order to make the vinyl wrap look like paint, certain obstacles must be removed before the installation begins. For almost every color change vinyl wrap, you can expect door handles, mirrors, the front bumper, tail lights, spoilers, emblems and any after market parts to be removed. If a customer wants the door jambs to be wrapped as well, the doors will also need to be removed, 
which comes at an additional fee.

How can I expect my wrap to look when it's done?
You can expect your vinyl wrap to look almost as if it is paint. If a wrap installer tells you that bubbles or wrinkles are normal, run far away! A quality vinyl wrap installer knows the tricks to make the vinyl lay perfectly smooth to your vehicle, even in deep recesses. It is normal to see inlays for excessively complicated recesses, but they should be nearly invisible unless you're up close to it.

How do I take care of my vinyl wrap?
Easy! You can download our Vinyl Care Instructions here!

I want a vinyl wrap but I don't know what to do!
We would love to help! 
Stop in for a free consultation with a design specialist. We can offer our expert opinion, help choose the perfect color/finish out of our swatch decks & give you a quote for your custom project. Want to view colors online? Visit the links below! Keep in mind, colors may differ in person, so for the best visual, it is recommended to stop by our shop!



Static wraps satin black ferrari 488 

Our installers are passionate about what they do. We guarantee customer satisfaction no matter what type of car or level of difficulty of the project. We believe in taking the time to build customer relationships while providing excellent quality in order to maintain a 5-star reputation.