Audi A3 lowered on H&R springs
Audi A3 lowered on H&R Springs with Ferrada FR3 Wheels

Ready to make adjustments to your vehicle's ride height?
Great! You came to the right place. Whether you know exactly what you want out of your suspension or need some guidance, we are there to help you along the way. Follow this guide to decide what type of after market suspension is right for you!

If you're looking for a simple 1-2 inch drop using factory struts, then springs may be the best choice for you! Averaging about $200 for a set of springs plus a few hundred for installation, springs are an affordable way to lower your vehicle without breaking the bank! Springs are an excellent choice for daily driven vehicles as they adjust the ride comfortability minimally (slightly stiffer) and are very reliable.

Unlike springs, coilovers replace your vehicle's entire shock/strut and spring combination, which allows for many custom options and adjustments. With coilovers, you can adjust ride height, spring pre-load, shock damping and rebound. They are individually adjusted, which allows you to fine-tune each corner for ultimate balance and control. Coilovers are a great option if you like to track your vehicle. Good quality kits are lighter in weight than factory. You get much better handling overall with a huge improvement in cornering performance. Starting price for a decent set of coilovers is around $1000 plus installation, which may average at $600, depending on the vehicle. This option is a lot more expensive than springs, but allows you to adjust your suspension to your liking.

If you are looking to lower your daily driven vehicle, coilovers may not be for you. Coilovers provide even stiffer spring rates than a set of lowering springs, which sacrifices ride quality considerably. Also, the lower you adjust your ride height with coilovers, the more you have to be aware of where you're driving your vehicle. Front bumpers are often destroyed due to very low vehicles taking on a steep driveway or pulling far forward into a parking spot and hitting a curb. Many stance enthusiasts will take on these risks for the aesthetics they prefer, but they are well aware of the risks involved. These are the types of drivers that move very slowly over speed bumps and other obstacles that most drivers pay little attention to.

K Sport coilover kit
K Sport coilovers ready to be installed

Air Suspension/Bags
The most expensive and most advanced option are air suspension kits. Air suspension kits are a long-time favorite of show car enthusiasts and with recent innovations they are becoming more popular for the track. Air suspension kits allow for all of the same adjustment options as coilovers, making them an excellent option for someone wanting their suspension fine-tuned to their specifications. In addition to that, air suspensions allows you to adjust ride height and/or pressure. This is great, as you can have different height settings set on a controller that you can change on the fly. This is great, because you can preset your vehicle's height for when your vehicle is parked, when it is driven, and even for obstacles. This is how show cars and trucks are able to park with the vehicle body touching the ground, yet it is still 
drivable with the push of a button. There are several management systems to choose, depending on your needs. The more advanced management systems also offer phone apps so you can adjust your vehicles height on your phone, which is a huge plus in terms of convenience.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing air suspension, is your air compressor & tank set up. Do you want a custom trunk display or do you want to keep your trunk available for luggage? These are things to know before selecting your management system, as too large of a tank or too many compressors may take up your entire trunk.

If you're craving the slammed stance look, but still want to be able to daily drive your vehicle, air suspension may be a great option for you. Being the most adjustable option for after market suspension kits, it comes at a price. Most kits range from $3-4K, with installations typically starting at $1000. Custom trunk displays will add to the installation price, depending on how intricate of a display you want.

Air Lift Performance Trunk Set Up Display
Air Lift Performance Trunk Set Up - Simple Display


Lift Kit
Are you looking for a lift rather than a drop? Then a lift kit is the obvious choice for you!  Suspension lift kits can significantly alter your truck or Jeep’s handling and ride comfortability, usually making it more suitable for off-road performance, while giving it the tall, mean look that many truck & Jeep enthusiasts love.


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